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Copia Capital Management is at the forefront of modern investing, drawing on both academic and institutional excellence.

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Our Investment Philosophy:

  • Asset Allocation is the main driver of portfolio outcomes
  • Asset Allocation Strategy connects to Portfolio Objectives which connects to Client needs
  • A systematic approach to tactical asset allocation and fund selection

Good advice means robust assessment of suitability. Financial planning means being the adviser entrusted with a family’s financial wellbeing today and in the future. Next in terms of impact is having a robust asset allocation strategy to deliver the investment component of that financial plan. That investment strategy needs to sit somewhere for custody and administration, which is the role of the platform.

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Copia Capital Management is a rapidly growing part of Novia Financial.
Bill Vasilief, CEO of Novia breaks down PROD and talks through tailored solutions for Advisers.

When building a portfolio we can use any or all of our toolkit to deliver a solution. Our toolkit consists of:

Capital Market Assumptions

A choice of Capital Market Assumptions for Strategic Asset Allocation.


Our Optimiser for Portfolio Optimisation.

Risk Barometer

Our Risk Barometer for Tactical Asset Allocation.

Fund Screeners

Our Fund Screeners for Portfolio Construction.

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics for investment insight and governance.

To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.

Warren Buffet | Businessman, philanthropist and most successful investor of the 20th century

We’ve been so impressed with both the platform and the fresh approach to investment offered by Copia that we have embedded Copia into our proposition utilising their DFM expertise.

Kevin Lynch BEng FPFS | Director & Chartered Financial Planner - Advanced Asset Consultants Ltd
  • A Quantitative Model that captures and analyses more data than a human can process.

  • Tactical asset allocations based on our Risk Barometer.

  • An impartial, objective and measured approach using a systematic process.

The cost of good advice typically cost around 1.00% before RDR, and is between 0.50-1.00% today.

Enhancing business value.

Performance always matters, but many advisers have grown persistent income streams because of the trust, empathy and responsiveness that are so highly valued by their clients.

If that persistency of income is delivered with reduced business risk through good oversight, good governance and good value, then the firm’s a winner.

So, as more and more of those big brand players reposition themselves across that fast-commoditising value chain, and as the pressure on Total Cost of Ownership continues its downward trend, the most durable thing is the value of your advice.

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